Re:모듈에 보안 모듈이 들어 있어 있다고 들었는데, 어떤 보안 알고리즘을 사용하며 소프트웨어 방식과 다르나요?

2017-03-24 01:21
The MS1000 is a secure microcontroller which supports a high level of security.

Features include:
- Strong Security Boundary (internal memory and sensitive information cannot be accessed after secure mode is enabled)
- Secure Boot (Code is protected such that it cannot be modified or hacked after secure mode is enabled)
- Secure storage (any data that is stored in flash is encrypted using a device secret key which is unique on each device)
- HW accelerated crypto algorithms (AES, SHA1/SHA256)

More information can be found at:

On the W5500 Ethernet Shield S, the HW security engine is used which provides much higher performance for encryption and decryption than software.
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