This is sample text : Easy Morning is a smart alarm clock using a web server. You can control the alarms and settings through the web server and store the information in the DB so that multiple alarm clocks can be shared in one setting and various settings can be used in one alarm.


Main functionality

  1. alarm
    • People go to sleep between REM sleep and NON-REM sleep. Generally, when you sleep, you start sleeping with NON-REM and sleep with REM at regular intervals. REM sleep is different from NON-REM sleep, in which the brain awakes and people dream and turn around. It is known that if you wake up at this time, you will feel the most pleasant feeling.
    • The alarm clock uses this motion sensor to detect the REM sleep state and send it to the web server. (true, false)
    • When the alarm is sounded, the light is generated according to the size of the sound. This helps the user to get up.
  2. Web server 
    • The IP information stored in the user information is used to obtain the latitude and longitude using the IPinfoDB API, and the weather information is received via the weather station API. It can be used to detect situations such as rain and snow, and help the user to get up and prepare a little faster.
    • If it is determined that the alarm is in the REM sleep state, the search range of the alarm is increased to allow the user to wake up from the REM sleep state to help the morning feel pleasant.